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5 top digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2019

by Jeffery Opoku August 15, 2023
5 top digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2019

Digital marketing is getting quicker and more competitive as business owners look for ways to appeal to the unsteady needs of consumers.

As 2018 comes to an end, we look ahead to 2019 and ask: What digital marketing trends will be shaking up the market next? Now is the time for small business owners to review their digital marketing analytics and see what worked over the year.

When it comes to digital marketing, focusing on the future is always a good thing. As we close the chapter in 2018, it’s time to plan and look forward to the future. Everyone seems to be putting their New Year resolution down. Some of these include diet changes, ending bad habits, and spending wisely. These are great personal goals.

But what about your business? Digital marketing continues to change over time. What are you willing to improve on?  
The digital world is changing. With each change comes new trends, ideas, and algorithms.

The year 2018 has seen many advancements to the digital marketing world and 2019 promises to be better. With the digital world moving at a rapid pace, there’s a need for businesses to stay on top of key digital marketing trends.   

So, before you begin planning your 2019 marketing, here are 5 top digital marketing trends that will dominate in the year ahead.

Chatbots use will increase

Chatbots have recently become a popular form of automation. 2019 will bring an improved adoption of artificial intelligence as part of social customer service. Now is the time for more brands to give it a try to ensure that their customers are finding the answers to their questions as fast as possible.

As your business and your customer base grow, it becomes hard managing hundreds of similar customer requests all at once. 

Chatbots are improving in functionality at a rapid rate and will play a big role in digital marketing strategies in 2019. They also help boost engagement and improve communication between customers and your business. Because of its 24/7 two-way communication, it boosts customer satisfaction.

Customers interact with chatbots to

  • Get quick answers to questions
  • Resolve a complaint or problem
  • Get a more detailed answer to a query
  • Find a human customer service agent

The effectiveness of chatbots in 2018 is already showing a significant increase in usage. This is likely to continue growing for digital marketing trends in 2019.

Video marketing is a must

Another digital marketing trend to look out for is video marketing. Whether you’re creating videos for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or even your website, it is an effective digital marketing trend. With videos, you can capture and convey a lot of information about your brand. Video is arguably the most entertaining form of content online.

With platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Live, video marketing is a big trend online that will continue to grow in 2019.  Videos are one of the fastest-growing types of content consumers like to see, with Facebook videos getting 135% more organic reach than photos.

If you want to keep your audience more engaged this coming year, you should include video marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy. With videos, you can also tell your story, show your product, showcase a client, and educate your audience.

Digital marketing projections also reveal that 80 percent of online consumption is video content. According to Cisco, videos will make up 82% of internet traffic. 

Current research also indicates that 80% of viewers prefer viewing live video streams to reading a blog, and 82% prefer live video to a social media post. Live videos increase engagement; allowing you to engage with your audience in real time. Live video streaming is something to add to your marketing strategy in 2019.

Consumers are also more likely to buy a product or use a service after watching a video as it increases their confidence. A study from Zappos revealed a 6-30 percent sales increase after adding videos to their product pages.

Content Marketing
When it comes to digital marketing trends, content marketing is gold.

Content is king! And it continues to be an essential part of digital marketing.
It will even be more important in 2019. If there’s ever a time to build trust within your company, now is the time. You can do this by providing relevant and engaging content that readers will love.

Content marketing is an important piece of any marketing strategy. After all, you need content to succeed in the digital world.

Want to run a campaign? You need content.
Want to engage your followers on social media? You need content
Want to write a killer blog post? You need content.

Have a good content marketing strategy. According to Hubspot, content marketing is a good source of high-quality leads.

In 2019, people will further put more trust in reputable content instead of relying on advertisements. This means that the more engaging and relevant your content is, the better and higher your chances are to be noticed online.
Here are some other facts about why content is still the heart and soul of your digital marketing strategy:

  • Consistent blogging and content creation increases your traffic five-fold
  • 80% of internet users still prefer good-quality original content over canned solutions
  • 85% of marketers in 2017 believed that their work succeeded because of good content
  • Visual content will reign in the coming time more than blogs and articles

Voice Search
The rise of Google and Amazon has brought voice search devices to millions. This allows you to search and order products with your voice via digital assistants.

Thanks to Siri, Google, and Alexa, voice search is on the rise. As consumers increasingly turn to voice search, small businesses must understand how to get their businesses found.
According to
ComScore, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020.

As 2019’s marketing plan unfolds and the future of digital marketing plays out, it is crucial to include voice search as a key component of your SEO strategy. Research indicates that in two years, about 50% of all searches will be conducted via voice.

A strong focus on Social Media

Social media is another digital marketing trend to keep an eye on.

Just this year, 92% of small businesses invested more time and money in at least one social media platform.
The year ahead builds on this groundwork. As a small business looking to engage its audience in new and meaningful ways, social media is your best bet. Find out where your audience spends time and invest in those areas.  

Social media presents great potential for small businesses to engage their audience in new and meaningful ways.
This is a digital marketing trend that has come to stay. With over 5.6 million active social media users in Ghana, the importance of it in the marketing world cannot be overlooked.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an E-commerce company, a beauty salon, or an educational institution, being actively present on different social media platforms, adapting to major trends, and staying relevant is crucial for your existence.

In 2019, understand the changes implemented in social networks as they are important for businesses. As the online world changes, social media algorithms are subject to change. As we enter 2019, you want to keep an eye on popular social media trends such as video, automation, and influencers.

What you should remember above all is that dominating a single platform is not enough anymore. Your prospects on Facebook are not on Twitter, and those on Twitter are different from those reading your website content. Thus, the key to your success is to repurpose your content across different platforms.

Make your digital marketing work for you in 2019.

With these new digital marketing trends, you have enough ways to attract more customers to your business. 2019 will be about better customer service, engaging content, automation, compelling videos, and voice search.

Don’t see digital marketing as a long boring and daunting task. Rather approach it with a tactical and strategic mindset. Keep your ears to the ground on what’s on top and trending; embrace change and try out new things. Taking your time to consider what will work in 2019 allows you to stay ahead of your competition. This sets your small business up for success.

What digital marketing trends do you think will dominate in 2023?  

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