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9 facts about website redesign your boss wants to know

by October 15, 2015
Website Design

Website Redesign

In recent times, most Ghanaian companies have realized the need for a website to help take their brands to a whole new level.

That aside, it also gives their audience a first impression of their company or brand; hence must be kept fresh and clean always. Just like repainting your office to give it a new look and feel, a website redesign is also necessary for your website.

A website redesign doesn’t necessarily mean changing every aspect of your brand along with it. It can be a functional modification to help you reach or attain your marketing goals. But then it is sometimes alarming when big brands feel reluctant when matters of the website redesign are raised. After all, your website is a fundamental element of your marketing strategy, right? (Don’t answer; I know it’s a yes).

Research by Hubspot, the brain behind the most popular Internet marketing software says, 68% of companies redesign their websites every year. We at Sidekick Social Media believe that you need to be a part of that 68% hence your website needs a redesign this year.

Tell you what, you can find many reasons not to pay attention to a website redesign. But I bet these 9 reasons will help you get your website redesign plans off and running.

1. When your website isn’t responsive or mobile friendly.

A responsive website is one that can be accessed on all media devices from a desktop computer to an Ipad and then a smartphone. Technology has made it possible for people to carry computers in their pockets everywhere they go.

In view of this development, many companies have their websites visited by potential customers who might be washing, eating, boarding a taxi or trotro or even in the bathroom.

It gives clients the convenience they need rather than having to go through all the hustle of accessing your site via a desktop; especially in this dumsor era. Therefore if your website isn’t responsive or mobile friendly but your competitor is, you can imagine the number of potential clients you could be losing to them.

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2. Change in design trend

Just like the way fashion trends come and go, the same way design trends also change from time to time. First impressions are very important when dealing with clients online. A website redesign is, therefore, necessary for you to be abreast of the latest design trends.

Customers liken the look of your website to your business or brand and that affects the perception they have of your brand. Hence, a modern and decent website reflects a serious company who is worth doing business with and vice versa.

3. When your competitors change their website

Having a website redesign whenever your competitors change their website doesn’t mean you should change every time a competitor does so.

However, if the change your competitor made improves their ranking in search engines whiles you still remain at level one, then I suggest you start thinking about a website redesign.

4. To improve user experience

Keeping an old website can be really boring to your audiences who have a variety of choices to choose from. Instead of choosing an old and boring site they have been visiting for ages, they rather will go with your competitor’s new site that has a whole new user experience.

For instance, if you have been visiting a website regularly and you get the same visual, functionality and experience you get bored. This is because you know what to expect without any surprises or excitement.

If you don’t want this to be happening to the people who visit your site, you need to regularly give them new web experience. This new experience can include proper navigation and call to action buttons. And this requires a website redesign.

5. When there is a change in your business direction or focus

Business goals and strategies change with time. Your website, which is a vital part of your marketing strategy, also needs to flow with this new campaign or policy.

You will end up missing out on a lot of business opportunities when your website is not up to date on your latest business plan. In order to survive the competition and be in business, your website must evolve and change as your business grows.

6. Rebranding your company

Brands reinvent themselves from time to time to reach a whole new audience and seize new business opportunities. If your company or brand has been on the market for far too long and you are thinking of rebranding, you also need to give your website a facelift or a whole new makeover.

Your website can be the best way your new audience can perceive your brand and redesigning it can help convey the new and improved brand you are selling to them. The makeover you give to your brand must be in accordance with your website’s redesign.

7. Change in SEO algorithms

As the number of websites increases each and every time, becoming recognized by search engine bots is very necessary. Yahoo, Bing and of course Google (how can I forget them) make changes in their Search engine algorithms to get rid of websites that are not SEO friendly.

A website can be described as not being SEO friendly when it has bad content and improper design or architecture among other things. With fresh content and appealing website redesign, you don’t only get attention from new customers but also boost your SEO rankings by giving search engine bots something to chew on.

8. To integrate content marketing

Here at Sidekick Social Media, we have a phrase which says content is king (say that again-good). Yes, content is very important when it comes to redesigning your website. According to research, content marketing has been known to be more effective than sales text messages.

The way content marketing works are not to directly sell to a reader; it gives the consumer an idea of why the product is good and how it will benefit them. It leaves consumers to make a decision on whether the product is right for them to then make a purchase, but it is the businesses job to write the compelling material, good enough to make them want to buy it. Good content can help retain customers and keep them rooted to your website.

That notwithstanding, content marketing can also improve your SEO rankings due to the continuous change in the algorithms. You can achieve this by adding a blog to your site and stuffing it frequently with high-quality content. But ask yourself, can your old website be able to contain such content? Then I guess you need a website redesign.

9. When you are not getting the results you want

Although you like the look of your website, you will like it even more if it gives you the results you need. Getting results from your site depends on your ability to attract, engage, convert and optimize your website towards your business goals. Considering a website redesign with better functionalities and effectiveness will help boost your online opportunities to help you achieve the results you want.

Remember that your competitors may have updated their site and are currently doing better than you. If any of these 9 points apply to you, it’s definitely time for a website redesign.

Take a look at your website today, be it your personal or that of your company. Does it currently meet the changing trends and does it fulfil your business needs? If the answer to that question is No that’s where Sidekickgh comes in. We have the able team to handle your website needs. Request for a free consultation NOW. We are ever ready to help

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