At sidekick, we believe that a good team
shares common values, wins together and most importantly
looks out for each other’s best interest.


We are on a mission to Humanize brands and we are looking for talented team members to help us do that.

We are not in search of employees who are just seeking a 9 to 5 job but team members who will roll up their sleeves and help in championing the mission and never settle till we achieve these goals. We also embrace culture and gender diversity.


Check out our departments and find the perfect fit for you!


Open and creative work space

In an atmosphere of unlimited creativity, the sidekick team work tirelessly to hit targets on a daily basis.

Flexible working hours

Quality over quantity anyday. At sidekick we do not stick to the status quo of working 9-5 all week long.

Stay current with industry trends

The internet has been loaded with so much information and we pay for you to stay informed with all the information you need to be a better team member.

We give back

As part of our Social Responsibility, we seeks to help others with our God-given talent by training and funding the next entrepreneurs.

Health and Retirement plans