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7 reasons why people are leaving your website

You’ve designed this awesome website and pretty much have some content on it. You’ve got your product or service images displayed. Everything seems fine to you.  Visitors should be stopping by every now and then, right? Your website traffic should increase by the month, right? But, that’s not the case. You aren’t getting the amount […]

SEO for Insurance Companies: 7 tips proven to increase rankings, leads and new clients

Your potential customers are shopping online, so the key to creating and executing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) successfully is to understand your customers and how they shop and search. People have become picky when selecting an insurance provider because of how easy it is to research and assess potential agencies through the Internet. Insurance buyers […]

6 important email marketing metrics everyone should measure [infographic]

So, you’ve launched an email marketing campaign. Kudos. Now what? It’s been a month and a half. Still, you can’t tell if it’s successful or not. Were all your emails delivered? Did the recipients open your email? Can you tell whether they took an action? As a business owner, do you know how well your […]

Challenges Faced When Starting A Business And How To Overcome Them

As with anything worth doing, building your own business is not without its difficulties. The saying, “nothing good comes easy” also applies in the business world. As a newbie entrepreneur, you will face some challenges. This isn’t to scare you. It’s important you find solutions once you encounter these problems. As a business owner trying […]

How Long Does It Take To See Digital Marketing Results

In a world where ‘instant’ thrives, it’s hard not to want to get immediate results for whatever action you take. You’ve published a blog and you expect instant feedback. You expect your social media campaign to produce a result immediately. You want to drive in traffic, get leads and increase sales all in an INSTANT. […]