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Benefits Of Social Media For Businesses

by Jeffery Opoku September 29, 2016

In our interactions with some of our prospects, it became clear some of them were sceptical about using social media to promote their businesses. Most of them were unable to see how these platforms can help them increase their market share and sales. For those still in doubts about the impact of social media on their business growth, here are some benefits of social media for business:

  1. Customer insight

You have the opportunity to know who your customers are, what they like, and how they feel about your brand.

Active engagement and social listening can provide you with relevant customer data, which leads to better business decision making if used well.

As is commonly said “knowledge is power”, and the more knowledge a business has about its customers, the better positioned they are to retain and win new customers over to their brand.

  1. Increase brand awareness & loyalty

Customers find it easier to find you and connect with you when you’re on social media. Connecting on social media helps increase customer retention and builds brand loyalty and awareness.

  1. Run targeted ads with real-time results

Running ads on social media is way cheaper than running it on TV or radio. Moreover, social media offers targeting options, so that you can reach the relevant audience, based on locations, interests, age, gender, interests, etc.…

  1. Higher leads conversion

Interacting regularly with customers and timely customer service via social media increases sales and customer retention.

  1. Provide rich customer experience

A lot of customers complain about social media when they face some issues with a service or when they try to make some inquiries. They expect a good customer service and a fast response and require support every day at any time; a company that can deliver that wins.

  1. Higher website traffic and search ranking

Another benefit of having a social media brand presence is that it helps direct people to your website. The more social shares you receive, the higher your search ranking will be. For instance, if someone likes a blog post or photo on your websites and shares it via Twitter, Facebook, his/her followers or friends will, in turn, see it too, if they are interested in what has been shared they will click on it which will then lead them to your website. This is an opportunity for your brand to help them know more about you by exploring your website.

  1. It’s easier to monitor your competition

Social media platforms not only gives you the advantage of easily knowing what your competitors are doing but also helps you gain knowledge of what is going on in your industry.

  1. Faster and easier content sharing

Sharing blog posts, pictures, links etc. concerning your business is easier on social media.

  1. Geo-target content

Geo-targeting helps you send a specific message to a specific audience based on their location. This gives your campaigns more precision, hence making them more impactful.

  1. Build relationship with customers

You have the opportunity to interact before, during and after business transactions with the customer, which is not seen in traditional marketing.

So, there you have it – how social media can be used to your benefit. We’ll like to hear from you, how has social media benefitted you? Kindly share with us in the comment section.


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