email marketing

Why Email Marketing is still Important

by Jeffery Opoku November 18, 2015 Content Marketing, Inbound marketing

When the Internet was first introduced, everyone loved emails. We were all proud to have an email address and would

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How to delight your Customers this Festive Season

by Jeffery Opoku November 16, 2015 Customer Service, Inbound marketing

Quite recently an audio of a gentleman who phoned Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) went viral. This guy asked the

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Setting up an e-commerce business in Ghana

by Jeffery Opoku November 12, 2015 Inbound marketing, Website Design

E-commerce business in Ghana Don’t you love the way you can access anything on the Internet? The Internet has changed

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responsive websites

Why Responsive Websites are Awesome

by Jeffery Opoku November 09, 2015 Inbound marketing, Website Design

I cannot tell which device you are reading this article from right now. It could be your iPad, laptop, or

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4 Successful ways of choosing a Brand that works for you

by Jeffery Opoku November 06, 2015 Branding, Inbound marketing

In our previous post, we outlined what branding means and how important branding is to any business. Branding is a

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Branding for Ghanaian Businesses

The Importance of Branding for Ghanaian Businesses

by Jeffery Opoku November 03, 2015 Branding, Inbound marketing

Every successful brand we see today gained their recognition via effective branding strategies. Branding has become a vital part of

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A Marketers Guide to using social media Hashtags

by sidekickgh October 29, 2015 Content Marketing, Inbound marketing, Social Media

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#) and is used on certain social media

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by Jeffery Opoku October 23, 2015 Inbound marketing, Startup

HOW TO START A BUSINESS IN GHANA (PART Two) In this post, we are going to conclude on the steps

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GIF file on Facebook

A Step by step guide to uploading GIF files on Facebook

by Jeffery Opoku October 21, 2015 Inbound marketing

GIF files on a Facebook news feed. This new feature from Facebook now allows you to post GIFs. What is

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Inbound Marketing in Ghana

Inbound Marketing – The present and future of marketing in Ghana

by Jeffery Opoku October 20, 2015 Content Marketing, Inbound marketing

As time passes by, business trends come and go. As a result, there comes a time when one word or

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