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How To Verify Your Facebook Page

by Jeffery Opoku August 15, 2023
facebook verification

The dictionary makes us understand that verification is simply the process of validating something as proof of authentic. This same procedure has been introduced into the social media world to help give authenticity to brands, celebrities and other influential people in society.

This explains the reason why you see certain pages and accounts with a blue tick like the ones below when you browse various social media platforms.

facebook verification

Is Verification Really Important?…………..YES It is

The blue tick might seem inconspicuous and immaterial but it carries with it a lot of benefits to those who have it. When a page or account is verified, it makes it easier for people to identify which online accounts are fake(parody) and which are authentic this helps prevent impersonation.

facebook verification

That said; verification also gives your page a sense of credibility and legibility. This makes it easy for people to have trust in your brand when they transact business with you online.

Verified pages that also have websites get higher search engine presence. Share on X Your page will show up first in search engines when keywords associated with your brand are inputted. This will not only boost your website traffic but also get you more leads or even sales.

I want to get my business page verified, how do I go about it?

Previously, verification was done automatically with the use of certain algorithms. These algorithms determine whether or not your page deserves the blue tick. Once you pass that test, your page gets verified.

facebook verification

Currently, Facebook verification is done manually upon request. This means that; you have to ask or request that Facebook verifies your page. However, there are a few ‘rituals’ you have to perform before sending that request.

  1. Be notable or influential

Facebook verifies brands and celebrities the most. This is because as a brand, you are required to have influence or be noted by a lot of people. Being influential and notable increases the tendency of impersonation. Verification will, therefore, do a lot of good to make your account stand out from the lot.

In order to be notable, you need to have a strong social media presence and engagement. Though not really necessary, (pages with less than a 1000 likes even get verified) you need to have a reasonable number of likes or followers.

It is advisable that you get someone to manage your social media page if you are too busy to engage your audience. This is because engagement is very important when it comes to not only Facebook but all social media platforms.

  1. Make your Facebook page clean

Making your Facebook page clean simply means providing the necessary information about your brand on the ABOUT page. Include accurate email, contact number, website and other important information.  Also, make sure that content you share on your page relates to your brand. Delete all links or content that do not in any way relate to your brand. The page’s name must also relate to your brand and must be clean. A name like DorasFoodAndDrinksRestaurant might not be verified but Doras Restaurant will be accepted.

When all that is set,

  1. Request for Verification

Before going to the Verification page, make sure you have with you; valid documents such as Drivers license, Passport, Birth certificate, etc.

facebook verification

In order to fully convince the Facebook team that you deserve the blue tick, upload more than one document. You can include screenshots of website publications concerning your brand, awards you have won and also Trademark certificates if any.

When all is set, hit the send button and keep your fingers crossed. Once your request is accepted, you will receive an email from the Facebook team and the blue tick will be visible on your page.

It is also important not to be obsessed with getting verified because not all Facebook pages can be verified. Continuous request for verification could get you blacklisted.


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facebook verification

Kindly share your experience with us if you have tried verifying your page. In case you don’t know where to start from, you can sign up for consultation so our team of experts can put you on the right path to getting verified.


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