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Christmas And Business: How to make more money this season

by Jeffery Opoku August 15, 2023
Christmas And Business: How to make more money this season

The festive season is every marketer’s dream come true. Children fantasize about candy and chocolates during Christmas; parents crave for family time, but an entrepreneur is all about making more money! Let’s face it, your business goals are to increase traffic, provide premium content, generate more leads, build a brand and boost sales. Christmas is a ‘make or break’ time for businesses so you want to to make good use of it. It’s a time for you to build your brand and increase sales (that’s of course if you go about it the right way). A lot of us look forward to celebrating Christmas – it’s a time to give and receive. Customers are on the lookout for special offers and deals. If there’s ever a time when the demand for products and services grew, it’s Christmas.

As a marketer, a business owner (large scale or SMEs), an aspiring entrepreneur, the festive season is an opportunity for you to display your special offers and discounts for prospective clients and leads. You’re probably thinking if your business can be successful and how do I make more money this Christmas? That’s the reason you stumbled upon this blog post, right? Exactly.

This article will provide you with ideas on how you can increase sales and make more money this festive season……

Hold an event

Organize an event around your industry, not entirely focused on your product and of good ‘take-home-and-actionable’ value to the attendees. Do you sell kitchen products? Why not hold a cooking class or food fair this season. We all want to learn a few kitchen tricks to spice up our Christmas celebration. This will attract a pool of prospective customers, plus, you stand to make more money from the sales of products used. You could hold a free marketing or web development class and while you’re it, offer some certificates to increase word of mouth. Don’t just hold an event because everyone is doing so, always put yourself in your customer’s shoe and ask what they stand to benefit from attending. You want to create an event tied to your products and services. If there’s nothing to benefit, no one will show up!

A marketing tip for your event is to set up a Facebook event on your profile or business page and invite people

Conduct a holiday-themed webinar

Why not turn things up this Christmas by hosting a holiday-themed webinar? Whether your company usually holds a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual webinar or you have never done this before! The holiday season is a great time to conduct one for your clients and prospects. Webinars are targeted towards teaching your customers in a more personalized way (which of course increases sales). Holiday webinars can add a fun element to the Christmas campaign. Take advantage of this festive season to promote seasonal webinars. To make it more alluring, offer them a free gift – discount, free delivery. An hassle-free tool for conducting webinars is webinarjam or our beloved Facebook, where you can have Live events.

Use email campaigns

Email makes the best holiday marketing tool. According to McKinsey, email marketing is 3 times more effective than social media and the average customer order is high. How many people do you see with smartphones? Almost everyone! Everywhere you look, people are constantly glued to their devices.


A report indicates an increase in the number of purchase made on mobile devices from 3.4% to 36.7%. Use your email list to send emails and newsletters to customers advertising and promoting your Christmas products and services. 41% of retailers use “buy now” buttons in their email marketing to make it easy for subscribers to purchase. Use a call-to-action button to highlight a gift, deal, promotion or special offer.

It’s a busy season for your customers and they want things that’ll speed up buying in a couple of clicks.

  • Use power words for your subject line (like ‘hot deal’, ‘limited time offer’, ‘exclusive’)
  • Personalize your subject line
  • Add emoji
  • Ask questions
  • Put your offer front

Create Seasonal AdWords Campaigns

Whether you find yourself in the finance, health, insurance industry; or whether it’s a B2B or B2C industry, you can make money this season using AdWords campaigns. Simply create a campaign targeting holiday shoppers. If you sell cakes, you can target keywords like “holiday cakes”. Create specific ads and landing pages which offers incentives to shop during the holiday season. You can also offer free delivery if they buy products exceeding a certain amount or you can offer a discount should they purchase a product early. As a marketer or business owner, you want to delight your customers. We are always here for you if you need assistance with setting up.

Christmas window display

Remember, this is the first thing your customers see when they walk by; it must be something captivating and intriguing. The idea is to draw the attention of your customer to your products

  • Keep it simple – it’s easy to get carried away and be in the festive season and get all your products on display. However, you don’t want to scare them away with so much clutter
  • Create a focal point
  • Be bold
  • Create balance

Build customer loyalty with personalized gifts

Take advantage of Christmas by marketing to your customers. Get a team to help you buy gifts – holiday postcards, customized mugs, favourite album, T-shirt. It’s the little act of kindness directed towards your customers that speak volumes.

Christmas is about gifts and giving after all!

Keeping your customers in mind goes a long way to impact and help fortify the relationship between you and your customers. Who wouldn’t want to turn a happy customer into a brand advocate?  It lets your customers know you truly care about them.

Throw a holiday party

I know that look on your face. You’re probably thinking, isn’t this going to cost a lot? I thought the whole idea was finding a means of making money not throwing an expensive party. I know. But the party doesn’t have to be expensive. Plus, you don’t have to invite everyone. Do it in a strategic way. Target your top leads and invite them to the party. Engage in a conversation. This is an opportunity to get to know them personally and sell your business too! Build strong relationships with prospects and customers.

What are your thoughts on the different ways to make money this Christmas? What other strategies have you tried using to make money during the festive season? Share with us in the comment section below.


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