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How to make your customers fall in love with your brand

by Jeffery Opoku August 15, 2023
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Good customer relations are very crucial to the success of every business or brand. In this modern age of technology and social media, caring for your clients is very important lest they pour out their displeasure on social media to the detriment of your brand.

This is the more reason you need to create a great customer experience for your clients so they can develop a love for your brand.

Some businesses are losing clients due to the lack of proper customer relations. Owners of these businesses attribute their low sales to spiritual forces when in actual sense they are the cause of their own downfall.

Creating love between your customers and your brand with these tips will give your business priceless results.  It will also help you attract the many customers of your competitors.


Listen to what your customers are saying.

There is no way you can know what your customers want without listening to their problems. It is very important to take into account what you can do to address your customers’ complains to have positive feedback.

Listening to your customers makes them feel important, hence strengthening their love for your brand. You can listen by the use of social media, surveys, customer service and emails.


Don’t be harsh- Show RESPECT to your customers

Research shows that customers experience rude customer service at least once a month and 58% of them tell their friends about it. This shows that word-of-mouth alone could cause your brand a lot of damage instead of using it to your benefit.

It is important to have patience, tolerance and respect for their complaint no matter how much they irritate you.

This will give you the time to resolve their issues and make them comfortable. The more comfortable a customer is, the more he or she develops a love for your brand and will, in turn, tell friends and family about it. Research has it that, comfortable customers tell 4 to 6 people about their experience.


Provide continuous support

One of the main reasons behind customers’ dissatisfaction is due to bad customer service. You have to do everything in your power to provide after-sales support to your customers.

Respond to their tweets and comments on your social media pages as well as emails. This is an opportunity to up-sell some of your products.


Keep to your promises

Whatever words you say about your business binds your business and you will be judged by them. Make it a point thus to keep the promises you make to your customers. This, when achieved, will build trust and give your business credibility.

You can achieve this by managing customers’ expectations and setting realistic goals. Being consistent will make customers know exactly what to expect from you. It’s not advisable to promise your customers heaven when in reality you cannot even give them the earth.


Always remember the golden rule- The Customer is Always Right

No matter the situation, always have it at the back of your mind that your customer is always right. This is a general rule to help you administer good customer service to your customers. You can do this by creating a customer service policy to tell your customers that they are always right.

For example, you can define how to deal with unhappy customers to ensure that employees follow them to resolve customer issues. Thereby turning such customers into brand advocates.


Show gratitude by saying THANK YOU to your customers

Showing gratitude to your customers after transactions is a great way of keeping them around for a long time. It also strengthens the love they have for your brand. Every ‘thank you’ message you send must be specific to every customer.

This will make them feel relevant and important. Try as much as possible to appreciate your customers for taking the time to transact business with you or express their grievances.


Applying the above-mentioned tips should set you on your way to a lasting and beneficial relationship with your customers.

The Ghanaian consumer is now discerning. It takes real ingenuity and vision to create the kind of emotional connection that keeps them coming back for more.

Are there some other ways you can make a customer fall in love with your brand? Kindly leave a comment below.

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