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Instagram now lets you post pictures from your phone using your web browser

by Jeffery Opoku August 15, 2023

Previously, users of Instagram could only upload pictures through the mobile version of the application on their mobile devices. However, there is a new development that allows users to upload pictures by simply logging onto on their phones.

This is a major improvement for Instagram although users cannot directly upload from their computers. This new improvement only means it’s just a matter of time until users are able to upload from their computers. For many users, opening the app is not a problem, but this new development brings more flexibility which is very good for any social platform.

In addition to this, more of the in-app functionalities like, uploading pictures, videos, liking a post, searching and direct messages are now made available on the web platform. This makes using the app and the web version not too different from each other.

A quick way to posting using your computer

There is, however, an advanced way to actually post from your Google Chrome browser on your desktop. To do this type into the address bar of your Google Chrome browser.

When the website is fully loaded, press F12 on your keyboard to bring up the developer tools options. This shows you the site code on the right-hand side of the screen. There is an icon which looks like two mobile devices, which is the Device Toolbar. Click on that and you’ll be able to upload an image directly from your desktop.

The method is displayed below

How does this help the individual?

This new functionality comes in handy to help users struggling with their Instagram apps on their mobile devices. It brings forth an alternative way to post pictures even when the mobile app won’t run on your device. For users in low internet zones, this new functionality helps, since it is web-based.

There you have it, from now, when your Instagram App wants to play the stubborn child, just log onto the web platform.

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