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5 Amazing Online Jobs You can start right now in Ghana.

by Jeffery Opoku August 15, 2023
online jobs in Ghana

Online jobs like any other job have been on the rise for the past 5 years now since the penetration of the internet.

The issue of unemployment in Ghana over the years has been very persistent and measures laid down by various governments to rectify this canker has proven futile. Many youthful and energetic Ghanaians graduate from various universities in the country with the hopes of gaining employment only to be greeted with the glaring face of unemployment. Unbeknownst to these graduates, their employment lies in their own hands right from the comfort of their sofa or bed.

Technology and for that matter, the internet is filled with countless offers and opportunities to help one start his or her own business at little or no cost at all. By following your passion and interest, you can build for yourself some online jobs that make you money. This you can decide to do full-time or part-time

It’s now time to turn your computer into an asset instead of a cinema with these top ten online jobs.

  1. Blogging

A blog is simply a website that consists of entries or posts written by people (bloggers). These posts could be news, videos, reviews, etc. If you are someone who likes writing on issues then this is the best online job for you. Setting up a blog is now easy with the help of Blogger or WordPress. These platforms allow you to create a free website (blog) where you can start writing your way to fortune. You can also purchase a domain name and host on an online provider like Bluehost, to build your website.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. In other words, you find a product; market it to others, and get paid a portion of the profit when they buy the product. This is a good online job or business venture because a lot of companies are not greedy hence are willing to share their profit with you. Affiliate marketing is even easier when you have a website where you can promote your affiliate links.

Even without a website, you can still earn huge money from affiliate marketing by promoting your links (products) on social media. All you have to do is sign onto any affiliate network or program and you are good to go.

Some of the best and most trusted affiliate networks and programs in no particular order are

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  1. Freelancing

Many people do not see freelancing as an online job you can venture into. It might interest you to know that, the freelancing business is growing rapidly because companies are now turning to part-time workers to make up for the skills they lack. Depending on your skills, you could work for multiple companies at your own pace and time. You can begin your freelancing job with freelancing websites such as

  1. eBook Author

It’s now easy to be an author without having to go through the stress of printing your publications and selling them. You can sell your books online in the form of eBooks and make money right here in Ghana. Platforms like Kindle, Amazon, eBay, Payhip, and Lulu among others give you the chance to get your books to the preferred audience.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is growing bigger and bigger by the day with millions of people signing up every day. Businesses and brands have grown to understand the importance of social media with regard to marketing their product and services. Business owners are however overwhelmed with developing and implementing a great social media strategy and this is where you come in. As a social media marketer, you can help them determine the best tactics, posting schedules, and content for their target audience. As their follower count grows, so will your business, and your wallet also grows.

Are you currently earning some money online? If yes, kindly share your experience with us in the comment below.

In case you want to start your online business but don’t know where to begin, sign up for a free consultation and let our team of experts put you on the right path to becoming an ‘entrepreneur’.

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  • Great article, just what i need.Thanks

  • zimarima

    Most of the online jobs you listed here are not presently working in Ghana. I don’t know what our government is doing. They should be really fixing this for the youths instead they go complaining about Sakawa, Yahoo boys and internet fraudstars. Most of these youths have not better option that is why they engage in that. (I really wish all this sites are working because it would have made a huge difference)

  • Richard Gbogbi

    Please Ghana is listed among the approved countries to sign up for click bank,
    but why are they not approving my request? is there anything i need to do