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Redesigning of the website.


2131clubs is a fun club with it HQ  based in Accra. They support individuals in achieving their goals, growing their passions and identifying key ways to success by providing an environment full of like-minded people.



2131clubs had a nice designed website in the past but they wanted more than just a nice website. They wanted to constantly update it with fresh and up to date content. They also wanted to allow old and new members to register online which will help them create a database for all members.

Our Task

Our primary task was to enable the team to manage the day to day activities of the website. Secondly allowing members to sign up or register, creating a database at the back end for the team at 2131clubs to keep up with their members.



Our team designed a very nice but purposeful website with content management system (CMS). We built a membership plugin to enable members to sign up and of course, the website was 100% responsive making it easier for users to access the site on mobile devices.


    • The teams at 2131clubs were able to login simultaneously and on any mobile device to post wonderful content.
    • Members on the other hand were able to register easily online and be part of the big family