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Attract Your Ideal Customers Using A Targeted Strategy And A Combination Of The Right Tactics

The old way of marketing relied heavily upon a shotgun strategy or what was referred to as “spray and pray” marketing. This involved broadcasting your marketing message as far and wide as possible and praying that you’d grab the attention of your ideal customer.

Some of these methods included radio, television, direct mail, newspaper and print ads, YellowPages ads and other tactics like cold-calling and telemarketing. These methods are expensive, slow and they tend to annoy the people who aren’t looking for what you have to offer. There was no alternative so that’s what everyone relied on.

There Is An Alternative To Those Old Tired Tactics

The Inbound marketing methodology is targeted, cost-effective and measurable and generates more leads at a cheaper cost than these traditional forms of marketing and advertising we’ve used for decades.

With Inbound marketing, the communication is more specific and personalized to your target customer. It requires a strategic website designed with specific components and abilities that will allow you to generate leads for your business. It relies on content marketing and strategically combined tactics to reach your target audience where they prefer to be communicated with.


Every inbound marketing package we put together is built from the ground up. We create a custom strategy for you based on your specific business goals and available budget. What would work for one client will likely not work for another due to different markets, messaging and sales cycles. This makes it difficult to provide “cookie-cutter” packages and pricing, but here are some ideas:

  • We’ve had success with clients with budgets as low as GHC 3,000/month
  • We recommend an available budget of GHC 6,000/quater for good results.
  • Please contact us for a more accurate quote for your project

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