Top 5 Resolutions every Marketer should make in 2016

by Jeffery Opoku January 19, 2016
marketing resolutions


  1. Improve on your social media and email strategies

marketing resolutions

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In this era of digital marketing, social media has proven to bring substantial ROI (Return On Investments) to marketers and businesses worldwide. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest are known as the undisputed social media kings (at least for now).

Though new platforms are bound to pop up this New Year, it is better to master your current social media platforms and improve upon your strategies for each of the above-mentioned platforms on which you market yourself digitally.

This will rake in higher ROI rather than diverting all your efforts and resources towards a whole new platform you know nothing about.

Also, don’t forget to comb through your email marketing metrics to determine what to revise or adapt. Outline different strategies that will make prospective clients happily give you their emails.


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