Top 5 Resolutions every Marketer should make in 2016

by Jeffery Opoku January 19, 2016
marketing resolutions


  1. Move to Inbound marketing

marketing resolutions

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Day in day out, our message that inbound marketing is the future of marketing in Ghana re-echoes when we slowly and continually see the ineffectiveness outbound marketing strategies have for marketers and the incredible benefits inbound marketing brings to marketers in this era of doing business.

I know by now you have a long budget ready to be spent on billboards, prints, television, radio and the likes, I suggest its time you consider re-allocating those funds for a better and result in yielding marketing strategy; Inbound marketing.

Aside from the many importance that comes with inbound marketing, you will also have tangible marketing data in your marketing analytics to show how effective your efforts are. This is better than just guessing if those newspaper, radio and TV ads really got you the sales.


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