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Types of Content Marketing that will help your brand get started

by Jeffery Opoku August 15, 2023
content marketing

There are a lot of options available to content marketers when it comes to choosing content. Choosing a content type depends on your goals and target audience. Some of the types of content available in content marketing include:

  1. Blog posts: These are articles that talk about your company’s core message and other secondary issues that are of relevance to your persona. A blog post can range from a minimum of 300 words to 2000 words depending on your topic and audience.
  2. Videos: You cannot have all your content on your website. You can create a Youtube or Vimeo channel to give your video savvy personas a taste of your content. You can as well upload the video on the website and link it to Youtube or Vimeo depending on which platform you choose. Note that your videos must be of good quality in order to amass a lot of views.
  3. Infographics: Just as the name implies, give your audience info and back it with graphics. A well-designed infographic organizes and communicates technical or detailed information in a visually attractive, easy-to-process way. Infographics are easy to share on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest which deal mostly with images.
  4. Email Newsletters: The opt-in email newsletter is a fantastic avenue for getting your message out to loyal followers the key is providing highly relevant content that they actually want to read. This means it’s time to forget recycled blog content and opt instead for unique content that meets a need for your audience: inspiration, humour, information, etc.
  5. EBooks: For your customers who are hungry for more info about your brand and your story, eBooks offer many advantages. Package your best writing into an eBook to sell or give away, and you can share more in-depth info on your company’s unique personality, story, etc.



  1. Content marketing is cheaper than traditional forms of marketing.

Content marketing has proven to be cost-effective as compared to other traditional forms of marketing. The strategy can be implemented by your own team or organization without having to pay someone to run specific marketing tasks for you.

  1. Content marketing helps build brand awareness

The higher the quality of content you provide, the greater authority and awareness you generate for your brand. By building brand awareness, your business can generate higher levels of authority, loyalty and respect from the targeted audience.

  1. Content marketing increases sales

Consumers who are attracted by your content are likely to buy your product or service. The better your target audience understand your content and appreciate its benefits, the more likely they can become your paying customers.

  1. Content marketing generates more leads

By conducting an effective content marketing campaign, all your traffic and engagement can deliver better results up to three times more leads for any cedi you invest.

  1. Content marketing generates traffic to your site

Providing your targeted audience with relevant information that can provide a solution to a particular need or problem will help direct massive traffic to your website.

Today’s buyers and consumers are empowered and independent and savvy marketers meet them where they are. A robust content marketing strategy will help your brand connect and engage with your audience at every stage of the buying cycle.

Ever tried content marketing? Share your experience with us in the comments below.


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