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by Jeffery Opoku August 15, 2023

Ghana has over the years become a flourishing hub for businesses, both small and large. With the development of social media, many Ghanaian businesses involve in online marketing to expand their operations. The question however is, can every business in Ghana be successful online?

Is your business active online?

‘Everybody’ is online these days and your business should not be the last to join the train. The advantages of having a ‘storefront’ online abound. From getting more customers to great customer service and brand awareness. Every business in Ghana should be online!

Digital marketing has increasingly gained ground in Ghana, with the number of academic courses geared towards it alone, growing rapidly. Online marketing has developed because many Ghanaians spend quality time on the internet and have become more vocal. According to a Ghanaian digital marketing expert, the world is heading towards a digital era where instant message and social media sites are always engaged. Indeed, online business in Ghana is trending and online marketing keeps getting more creative and growing by the day.

Many Ghanaian businesses as a result of this development in business trends have responded by going online. Some successful businesses in Ghana that are also successful online include:

  • Heel The World

Heel the World specializes in men’s shoes and leather accessories and uses part of its earnings to support startups. It further broadens its reach using the internet and has a website,

  • OLX Ghana

Describing itself as the next generation of online classifieds. OLX is a Ghanaian online business focused on emerging markets, buying and selling. OLX has an app, a website and is present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Get the best out of online marketing with effective strategies

  • Carmudi

Boasting of offering the best online marketplace for vehicles in Ghana. Carmudi is a company that provides information on the car market using the web and links individuals with professional car dealers.

  • Kpone Lobster Export Co. Ltd.

With their core business being the export of fresh and frozen fish and lobsters. This company was founded in 1987 and further expanded its business by going online in the late 2000s, with

  • Hellofood

Changing the face of food delivery in Ghana, this company uses the internet to allow its customers to order from over hundred restaurants from their homes and offices. They aptly describe themselves as Ghana’s number one food delivery platform.

Social media has become a necessary tool for not just marketing a business, but enhancing its image as well. Businesses can interact with their customers via active websites as well as social media accounts. For example, the face of media in the country has changed, as most radio and television stations now have online platforms, by which their news can be streamed almost anywhere in the country and beyond, as well as social media, feeds that constantly keep their audience updated.

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Likewise, telecommunication companies are paying more attention to what is being said about their services on social media, and factor these opinions into their product designs and decisions. These simply backs Jeff Bezos’ statement that “If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”

Ghanaian businesses therefore in adopting online strategies, must also maintain quality customer service, in order to keep or further improve the good image they may already have.

Your website is your business store front, make it look great.

Although the use of internet in Ghana can further be developed, the face of business has been changed forever. Can every business in Ghana be successful online? By all means!







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