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Empyrean is an agricultural production company in the power of farming and processing of tomatoes. It has its head office located in Ada (Greater Accra). It was established with a singular vision of becoming one of the leading companies in tomato production in the sub-region. It will be built to process fresh tomatoes into tomato paste, ketchup, sauce, puree and dry tomato for local consumption and exportation.

The Challenge

A strong brand is one of the most valuable assets an organization owns. To make it truly powerful, it needs to be applied consistently so anyone using it knows who they are and what they stand for.

Empyrean needed a brand that could attract new customers, allow them to gain a position in the Ghanaian tomato industry and show a constant push for improvement. With the tomato processing industry becoming non-existent as companies rely on importing tomatoes from other countries, Empyrean saw this as an opportunity to own a place in the hearts and minds of Ghanaians by growing its own tomatoes. They wanted to enter the market with a clear brand positioning, well-defined values and a fresh visual identity.

What we did

We wanted to use design not just to make heads turn, but as a medium to convey the brand story and the promise it makes to its audience – a promise of a product that is in a class of its own. 


Sidekick Digital created a visual expression to bring the new brand to life.


Logo breakdown: The initial of the brand name ‘e’ and a symbol of vegetable (tomato).

Logo colours depict warmth, simplicity, reliability, passion, determination

Increase brand awareness

Differentiate the brand from the competition

Increase brand visibility

The Result

It’s too soon to measure the real impact of the revamped brand yet. But, Empyrean now has a dynamic, unique and memorable brand to channel marketing investments and fulfil its goal of being Ghana’s go-to tomato processing company.