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About Company

Ridaklean is a family-owned and professionally managed cleaning service company in Ghana. The company is a leading provider of contract cleaning services to Commercial and Residential facilities. Ridaklean is committed to providing the highest quality residential and commercial cleaning services available by exceeding the expectations of clients through excellent teamwork. Some of their services include home cleaning, pool cleaning, window cleaning, site cleaning and fumigation.

The Challenge

Ridaklean was doing fairly well when they approached us. However, the company had low visibility within the marketplace. Thus, it was overlooked as too small to handle big cleaning projects. The company wanted to explore a new market. Sales were dropping, they were losing out on big projects especially since the brand was not consistent across all communication channels. With cleaning business becoming overly saturated in Ghana, Ridaklean sought to stand out and build a consistent brand. Ridaklean was seen as an underdog in the industry and needed a sustainable and consistent brand to gain market share. The brand needed to modernize and rebrand to remain competitive in the market.

With this in mind, Ridaklean needed a new brand. One which was approachable and friendly, yet trustworthy and authoritative. They wanted to expand their market share with a clear brand positioning, well-defined values and a refreshed visual identity.

Our Approach

To reflect the values of the company, we designed a clean and simple logo to instil trust in the brand. This notion is reiterated with the colour choice of maroon and black which portrays dynamism, energy, enthusiasm and passion of the company

We Helped:

  • – Reposition their brand
  • – Increase brand awareness
  • – Increased brand visibility
  • – Redefined perception in the marketplace
Brand audit: We analysed and audited Ridaklean’s brand to understand their goals, messaging, tone and colour. This gave us insight into what the company was into and how we can assist them to reach their marketing goals.

Updated brand visual elements and messaging: Before Ridaklean approached us, they were doing fairly well but they lacked consistency across marketing channels. The company wanted to expand its market share and increase sales. After auditing their brand and coming up with a strategy, our design team delved into updating the brand’s visual elements and messaging.

The maroon and black colours represent the dynamism, energy, enthusiasm and passion of the company. They stand for the company’s determination and desire to lead.

Marketing / Advertising Materials

The Result

It’s too soon to measure the real impact of the revamped brand yet. However, it has received a lot of positive feedback from clients. The rebranding process allowed Ridaklean to increase its visibility within the marketplace and differentiate itself from competitors.