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Jingle bells: How to run the best Christmas campaign

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Christmas is coming. We’re getting close to everyone’s favourite holiday in the history of holidays – Christmas. Can you feel it?  Can you smell it? Obviously, you can see it. We’re in the season of celebrating Christmas. Everyone is getting their list ready – what to buy; places to go and […]

Christmas And Business: How to make more money this season

The festive season is every marketer’s dream come true. Children fantasize about candy and chocolates during Christmas; parents crave for family time, but an entrepreneur is all about making more money! Let’s face it, your business goals are to increase traffic, provide premium content, generate more leads, build a brand and boost sales. Christmas is […]

7 ideas on how to make money from your website

One of these two ‘puzzling’ thoughts brought you here: 1. Do websites make money? 2. How to make money on my website? You’ve created your website and the content is great. Readers keep coming back for more and this has made your site generate huge traffic. Not generating HUGE traffic to your website? This is […]

5 of our favorite and funniest social media tweets

Social media has become the biggest thing ever since the invention of chocolate. Most of us are on two or more social media platforms and we scroll through, like, ‘wow’, double tap based on the world we are on. Those who say “social media is not real life” well it’s like saying “water is wet”. […]


Many businesses will not openly admit it but there seems to be a ‘sibling’ rivalry between sales and marketing teams. This ‘cold war’ has been raging for so long that many business decision makers get so confused about how to make these two teams work towards a goal effectively. When it comes to your business success […]

How to beat your competition; the roadmap to successful marketing

The business world grows more competitive by the day, which means any brand that wants to stay relevant must keep up, especially with innovation and creativity. The question is how can you beat your competition? Let’s go on a fun ride as we take you through the roadmap to successful marketing. In our previous posts, […]

3 ‘killer’ steps to exceed customer expectation. Step 2 will blow your mind

We are all customers and we all want to be given the best treat whenever we walk into a shop or restaurant for a meal. Many service providers, be it restaurants or a barbering shop, have gotten hold of the notion of giving the customer an experience but sometimes they just don’t know what, when, why […]

Should you reduce your marketing budget when sales drop? Do this instead!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at inbound marketing and the magic touch it can add to boosting your sales. Almost every business faces a time where sales experience a slight dip. In such a situation, the answer is definitely not to quit, especially when there is inbound marketing waiting to solve your […]