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Come out of the dark! Boom your business with a great website

by Jeffery Opoku August 15, 2023

The world is getting increasingly competitive, especially due to the rise in technology. More businesses are exploring the option of expanding online, through blogs, social media accounts, website, etc. and you certainly do not have to be left out. The answer to everyone is doing it and that’s why you need to as well, doesn’t quite cut it. What are the specific reasons why you need to extend your brand online? Here are ten powerful reasons why!

  • A website makes your business easy to find

In this internet-dominated era, most people spend a huge chunk of their time online in various activities including shopping, communicating, banking etc. As a result, you need to find creative ways of making your business discoverable, and having a functional website is a great way to do that. A typical example is the budding doughnut business in Ghana, Doughman Foods. Through its website, many customers have heard of it and as a result, the company’s orders have been boosted from great to excellent!

  • Easy reach to your customers

Gone are the days when it was all about traditional marketing, which included having to drop fliers at the most unlikely places, and simply having to do a lot of paperwork like posters, brochures etc. Now in the digital age, websites are a simple answer to killing two birds with one stone. And have made reaching different kinds of customers with different sets of needs easier with just the click of a button. How can your customers hear about you quickly and creatively? Having a website may just be the answer.

  • Keeping up with competition

In making progress, we constantly need to pause, look at what others are doing and determine what we can also do to develop. A website is an easy way of responding to the increasing creativity and reach of competitors. A typical example is in the area of photography. Gone are the days when photography was confined to just a click of the camera. Now in order to be unique and tell an exciting story, most photographers have expanded online, building lovely albums of their photo journeys. Imagine if you also were a photographer and decided to maintain the status quo and stay offline; you would just be left behind for a very long time!

Become a thought leader
  • Great source of information

“Where can I get adequate information about this business?” a customer may ask. A website is just the perfect answer to this question. Apart from enabling you to easily reach your customers, a website is a great platform to provide information, such as what your business is about, the services you offer and who you seek to serve. Not only can you provide such information, but the website becomes go-to for anything concerning your business. This spells convenience and easy access to knowledge for your customer…something customers love.

  • Great assessment tool

These days, everyone, including investors, interview panels etc., is looking for something different. What makes your business unique, and what impression can potential investors or business partners form of you in a matter of seconds? A website is a great enhancement to all that you may have tried to bring across to your prospective investor or business partner. An impressive website often means a good and lasting impression. And a step closer to receiving a positive answer to your business proposals and requests. Plus, it gives you the current and tech-savvy image every business needs to have now. This builds and enhances the credibility of your business.

  • Virtual catalogue of activities

Even if you have a catering business, fashion business, photo studio or car sales and rental shop. Having a website is a simple way of showcasing your works. And practically ‘showing off’ what your business is capable of doing.  A great website can serve as a pictorial catalogue of your business’ day-to-day activities. And gives your customer a virtual firsthand experience.

  • Great avenue for PR and blogging

Why pay for space in a newspaper or magazine when you have your own website?

A website is an excellent public relations tool, as it can be used as a platform for press releases. Be it a seasonal promotion or response to an event, having a website could serve as a great channel of relating to the public and letting them know why your business has taken some decisions, organized some events etc. A website is also the best place to constantly post articles or blog posts related to what your business does. This is one way by which hotels, for example, keep their customer informed and interested online. Simply put, a website is the best place to voice your opinion and make your voice heard.

Come out of the dark!
  • Allows you to be yourself

One amazing thing about having a website is that you are free to be yourself as a brand, unlike on some social media platforms that sometimes have rigid formats and restrictions. With a website, you have a wider sphere to creatively convey your image and virtually do what you want when you want it and how you want it.

  • A great complement to your social media presence

Instead of competing for audiences on social media platforms, your website is the best place to quiet the noise and establish your presence. If your business is already on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, having a website is the best compliment. Having your own website, especially if you’re a small business, not only gives your business a serious look but also helps you to rear your head amongst the numerous businesses out there.

  • Saves cost!

With all these benefits mentioned, it is safe to say having a website gives you value for your money, as you’re able to do so much, at usually little cost. Compared to traditional marketing, websites are a great way to save some money whilst still doing what you do best…being a unique business focused on satisfying your customers and keeping in touch with them.

With these reasons, what are you waiting for if you haven’t started a website already? Get going! You certainly won’t have any regrets. To start you can buy your domain from one of the best hosting companies in the world called Bluehost

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