Good or great: Is your business website design international standard?

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Good business website: a nicely designed website with basic business info, doesn’t engage or attract leads.

Great business website: Optimized for SEO, great UI, 24/7 business sales channel, constantly generates leads.

Is your business website design international standard?

With many businesses now exploring the option of going online, your business may just need to have a website too. And a great one at that! No matter the kind of product you have, your business website is your online ‘storefront’. And also tells your target audience a lot about you. What exactly constitutes a great website design, and how can your business website attract the description ‘international’? That’s what Sidekick is here to help you with today!

When developing or designing a website, think big….chances are, if you play your cards right, you will get an even bigger audience than you first had in mind. You, therefore, need to design a business website that is easy to relate to, navigate and understand.

So, what does it mean if your website design is described as an international standard?

Web design standards refer to ‘a set of rules that web designers follow, knowing that they align with visitors expectations’. They are guidelines for clarity and usability. Therefore, in order to answer the question of whether your website is good or great, you need to first ask yourself is my business website responding to what my target audience expects? If you are able to get a positive answer, you’re on the right track! And, this will determine whether your business website is just good, or whether you’re rubbing shoulders with the creative players in the website game.

Great business website Design

Some common features of most websites include an attractive logo which sums up what the site is about, a homepage slideshow of the contents of the site, a contact number or e-mail address, a search button that enables viewers to easily find what they are looking for, calls to action such as an option that allows readers to leave their email address, amongst others.

Websites could easily be categorized into two…a regular website and what we call an extraordinary (extra-o) website. A regular business website often does not generate many leads due to lack of inbound marketing strategies such as blogs, short videos etc. It is quite easy to have just a regular business website, but what can you do to stand out among the many websites that have sprung up? This is where having an extra-o website comes into play. Having an extra-o website means focusing intently on the customer by coming up with creative ways of keeping them interested (simply known as inbound marketing). This is done using relevant and consistent blog posts, search engine optimization using keywords that will attract your target audience, constant calls to action that encourage customer feedback, just to name a few.

your business website is a money making asset

Here’s a simple table to compare a good website with a great website. Let’s see which category you fall into!

Creates a design that mainly focuses on the business and not with the target audience as the main focus Creates a design with the target audience in mind, built with buyer persona in mind, therefore, revolts around the customer
Serves only as a noticeboard online Serves as a marketing asset and a constant salesperson
Hardly uses images or videos to communicate with the audience; uses mainly text Makes good use of images and videos to communicate with its audience
Content is hardly updated, therefore, causing a target audience to look elsewhere Keeps content fresh, therefore, up to date and utilizes content marketing strategies
Not optimized for search engine (poor SEO) ‘Optimally’ optimized for SEO
Does not provide adequate information on the field of expertise, causing readers to look elsewhere for more information as a result. In other words, it does not have an authoritative tone. Develops an authoritative tone over time, eventually making it a go-to site for the brand’s particular field of expertise
The website is limited in access, for example, have a better desktop view than the mobile view. Which in turn reduces the user’s level of comfort and the site’s ability to be used anywhere at anytime Visitors can easily access it, that is, be it desktop or mobile. Even while the user is on the go, the site is easy to use and relate with


That’s quite a comparison! So at the end of the table, where does your business website find itself, regular (good) or extra-o (great)? The great thing about website design is that it can always be updated. So go on, push your business online to get even bigger and better so it meets that international standard your business (and audience) deserves.



upgrade your business website

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